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The following tools and services are used by my web agency (Radical Elements) the last 3-5 years. We selected them after a lot of research. So I thought to share a few words.


I am going to be totally honest. I don't enjoy Basecamp. The fact that I don't hate it makes it special. Because I really detest most of the rest. It's a product that you can work your way around it's limitations. The fact that I can avoid using Slack, gdocs and other services is huge.

Also it's design is weird. I don't like it but I prefer it from the boilerplate design that every other app seems to have nowadays.

Last year we did a research as a company, to move to another platform. After a thorough evaluation of 10+ project management tools, we ended up back to reorganizing our Basecamp account.


We needed a team password management with sane pricing. We migrated from a Keepass Database shared in Dropbox to Bitwarden. The reviews were good, the whole product seemed legit. The UI is decent. There are clients for all the platforms we care about. We are happy there. Thanks Bitwarden.


I am a customer since 2010. I am really happy with this company. I always have a bad feeling about AWS, so I try stay away. Not a lot to say. Great service.


Migadu is an email inbox provider. What made me choose them is that they don't charge per domain or per inbox. They charge for your usage. So that pricing model is ideal for an agency that wants to resell their service. It gives us flexibility. Also their UI was and is fast, simple and not boilerplate. I am really happy with migadu.


We switched to Postmark this year. I love the fact that their product came as a result of their need. They are not an inflated ventured backed company. Their product is polished and their pricing reasonable. So far, so good. It's great for transactional emails and also for email testing.

published at Mon, 16 Aug 2021 12:25

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